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Deeply understanding the complexities of addictions to drugs, alcohol, and other substances, Dr. Carol Law founded Drug Free Workplaces in 1992.

As the founder, Dr. Law spent decades building the company’s reputation, client-base, credibility, and more. She also managed the day-to-day of business operations. Today, she remains committed to the growth and development of Drug Free Workplaces. Dr. Law actively shares her knowledge and experience with the team, assisting with policies, client relationships, and resource development.

Prior to the start-up, Dr. Law worked in private practice as a psychologist. Nationally certified as a “Substance Abuse Program Administrator,” she spent much of her career working within the mental health and substance abuse fields. This unique professional perspective led Dr. Law to the establishment of Drug Free Workplaces as another way to support individuals in these situations. The idea was to help employees become and/or stay drug-free by partnering with businesses to establish company policies, oversight, and adherence to regulations.

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In her free time, Dr. Law enjoys traveling to different places and reading a good book. She can also be found on the greens, playing a round of golf.

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